Think small.

Thain Creative is a premium branding agency located in Barrie Ontario, a little city on the lake surrounded by cottage country. We’re looking to bring a small city aesthetic to downtown Toronto businesses & restaurants.

Why Thain Creative?

Because you have the ability to evoke an entirely different response.


Targeted strategies.

We have a reputation for creating premium brands with incredibly focused, local recognition. We can bring this unique, small city angle to your targeted brand strategy. 


Start to finish.

Whether you're looking to open a new business or simply re-fresh your existing brand, we can take care of everything. Logos, graphic design, print design and more.


New inspiration.

North of the Toronto city skyline is beautiful, rolling cottage country and the little city of Barrie. This inspires us and we can bring this quaint aesthetic to your next project.



Thain Creative - Our premium branding for Toronto.

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