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All your marketing data in one place.

SumAll allows you to connect all of your online social accounts and data to compare their metrics against each other. You can also set goals, and make notes.

Price: Free


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Send better email campaigns.

Here at Thain Creative, we use MailChimp to send timely emails to our clients. With their built in email designer, and social integration, it's a no-brainer for reaching out to your client's inbox.

Price: Free (plans available)


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Share to all of your social accounts.

Buffer is the best way to share content to multiple online accounts. Integrate Buffer into your workflow and schedule posts to encourage online social interactions.

Price: Free (plans available)



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Website analytics in real-time.

GoSquared allows you to see who's on your website right now, and watch your website traffic unfold in real-time. Receive alerts, reports and tailored information.

Price: Free (plans available)


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Big time social account management.

If you're working with a large amount of online profiles, HootSuite is a great way to handle everything. With built in analytics and support for teams you can get a handle on everything.

Price: Free (plans available)


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Your social stats at a glance.

Seeing your online statistics is now a whole lot easier with StatNut. Take your phone out of your pocket for a quick glance with a beautiful layout.

Price: $0.99



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Marketing through analytics.

Moz has been around to see all kinds of evolution in the world of marketing online. Their in-depth analytics provide valuable insights for you and your clients.

Price: $99/mo


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Test & track your emails.

Litmus is a powerful set of tools to ensure quality is first when it comes to your emails. Avoid being chucked in the spam folder.

Price: $79/mo



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