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These are hand-picked local business solutions that we would reccomend.


Printing & Media

Business cards, store front signs, video production and more. This is where to get what you need to promote your business.

Sign N' Display Store
Signage and banners

Sean Mills takes care of his customers with his "get it done right" attitude. We've worked with him in the past many times, always with great results.

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Phone: (705) 727 6371

Imageon Print
Business print collateral

Shawn Tallon keeps busy by giving Barrie small businesses the assets they need from a downtown Toronto printer.

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Phone: (705) 734 9761

Barrie TV
Premium video services

Chris Laycock works to produce high quality video content for online and TV. Take a look at their portfolio for more.  

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Phone: (705) 716 8487

Places to work

Great spaces to work in Barrie and collaborate with like-minded people. Meeting spaces and offices are also here.

The Creative Space
Collaborative space to work

Thain Creative was previously located in The Creative Space and we loved it. It was the perfect place to start our business and connect with others.

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Phone: (705) 812 0689

Suite Works
Where businesses meet

A beautiful space for businesses to meet and connect. Office space and meeting rooms are also available.

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Phone: 705 302 2988

Business development

People and organizations to get resources, expertise and advice for your business. Learn and grow. 

Grow Vantage
Business training

A series of training seminars that teach new business owners how to start running their business, and evolve.

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Phone: 705-727-0789

Mr. Bob
The godfather of business

Mr. Bob has been involved with Barrie business since the beginning.

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Phone: (705) 721-0727

BERN Centre
Non-profit resource

Hosted series of workshops that help you get started and maintain your business.

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Phone: (705) 792-0989

Chamber of Commerce
City of Barrie

Barrie has a solid business community, and this is reflected in our chamber of commerce. We've been a member for 4 years.

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Phone: (705) 792-0989

Business networking

Where to connect with other small Barrie business owners.
Make sure you're on LinkedIn too.

Networking effect
Online business networking

The Networking Effect is a set of tools to connect local Barrie businesses online.

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Phone: (705) 719 7917

Meet likeminded people

A website for meeting people interested in similar areas. A great way to find new people to work with and grow your business.

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Small business connect
Connect with small business

A central area to find other small businesses and list your business.

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Computers & devices

Where to buy new computers and devices. Also places to get repairs for the tech your business relies on.

Jump Plus - Barrie
In the Georgian Mall

An Apple retailer located in Barrie with amazing support, great staff and locations all over Ontario.

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Phone: (705) 503 4000

Northern Protocol
Mac + PC computer repair

Ensure your business computers are in tip top shape, and get repairs when you need them. They've helped us in the past.

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Phone: (705) 739 2349

Branding & websites

Our solutions for creating your business identity and creating your small business website. We provide everything you need to build your brand.

Websites - Starting at $599     Branding - Get a quote

Thain Creative
Branding & Graphic Design

We craft brands that work. Feel free to stop by for a consultation and impressing your customers.

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Phone: (705) 327 4588

Thain Sites
Fiasco Free Websites

The best solution for getting your small business online and plugged in with a 2 hour face-to-face appointment.

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