Thain Creative was recommended to me by my mentor and friend for graphic design and online marketing. When I met with Thain and Brandon, I knew I had found my creative guys. We built SunFlow from the ground up name, brand, logo, sales presentations, print collateral, social media, website and everything and I cannot stress to you enough how much having these guys in your business plan will make dramatic differences in your business. Thain just gets it, they understand Branding, Sales, Online Marketing, Print and my Logo and Brand never stop getting praise. They are a secret weapon... the secret is out!
— Mike McCann
Sun-filled street with logo
Logo before and after
Logo safe area
White long logo on teal
Colour samples CMYK
Colour logos stacked triangle
White logos on tri-colour background
Colour logo on white
White logo stacked on green
White logo stacked on blue
White logo stacked on teal
Before and After redesign
Business Cards
Shirt collateral
Get your sun money
iPad website
Sunflow Truck

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