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1. Develop strong key visuals for Sales Sheets and Client Mockups. High Resolution consistent output to be used on website and marketing materials. Maintain a professional brand standard that communicates a higher quality product and company.

2. Brand Consultancy on Client Projects (Pro Hockey Life)


Additional project details.


60 - 80 Days (Depends on TLC response times)


Project Rate for The Look Company Inc. - $80/hr
(20% Savings due to volume of work)

Usual Studio Rate Outside of this Project - $100/hr

Requested Design Deliverables. 

1. 3D Rendering for Sales Sheets and Client 
4.5 hrs average render time -  per product
Based on Approx. 30 Products 

2. Brand Consultancy on Client Projects (ex. Pro Hockey Life)

The rate for outside of project consultation is $80/hr. This will be based on hours recorded to timer and based will be invoiced to be paid on a bi-weekly basis.





3D Rending & Sales Sheets - Payment
4 Bi-Weekly Payments of Estimate over 8 weeks

Cost of Retainer (25%) - $3,051

Total Project Estimate - $10,800 + HST
Total with HST - 12,204


Project estimate is to be broken into 4 payments. A 25% retainer is required to begin the project. The remaining balance will be paid on a bi-weekly basis over the 60 days. If payment terms are not met, project is halted and will not have timeline priority. Final Deliverables will be given as they are completed as long as payments are up to date.

We accept all major forms of payment. E-Transfer is preferred to


If you have any questions or would like to negotiate further, please contact Thain Lurk at 705-327-4588


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