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To develop a brand identity for Ekoh Gyspsy that represent your brand strategy across all your marketing. Your brand identity will represent the healing and compassion towards others. We will explore the Gypsy head concept that you brought up in our meeting as well as any other concepts we fill will help communicate your message and values. Graphic Design Deliverables will include your logo in all colours and necessary formats, as well as social media sized graphics and business cards.

Your Brand Strategy: Heal, Help, Connect, and Direct

The website design will match the brand identity created and be unified in tone, colour, and feel. The home-page will have site sections clearly defined to choose from, then direct the user to more information about the selected service they inquired. The website would have an emphasis on educating, connecting people together, and showing the services that Ekoh Gyspy has to offer - ranging from the Apothecary to Workshops and Weekend Stays at the AirBnb.

The site will be constructed on the SquareSpace platform, with integrated SEO and analytical features. 


Learn, Heal, Conserve, Create, Live.


Additional project details.


Timeframe breakdown -

Brand Design: 4-5 weeks
Web Design: 4-5 weeks

Timeframe total - Approx. 8-10 Weeks **

Weeks 1-2: 
Research, Vision Board, Exploration
Initial Logo Concepts & Strategic Planning

Weeks 3-4: 
Logo Revisions & Adaptations
Finalization of Logo

Weeks 5-6:
Development of Brand Assets (Business Cards, etc.)
Strategic Planning & Initial Concept for Website*

*You will need to have the website content at this point
in order to continue next phase of the website build.

Weeks 6-7:
Development of Website Layout & Assets
Website Layout & Core Development

Weeks 8-9:
Mobile Layout & Asset Optimization
SEO & SEM Management

Weeks 9-10:
Final Changes
Let's Launch!

** This is dependant on the project going smoothly. Set-backs may impact final deadline.

Logo Development - 16 hrs

3 hrs - Strategy & Research
8 hrs - Logo Development
4 hrs - Changes & Revisions
1 hrs - Finalization

Brand Assets - 4 hrs

1.5 hrs - Business Cards
1 hr - Post Cards (?)
1.5 hrs - Additional Brand Assets, Social Media Graphics, Email Signature, etc.

Website Development - 32 hrs

1 hr - SquareSpace Setup and Theme Research
3 hrs - Web Brand Asset Development
3 hrs - Meeting and Communication Time
8 hrs - Layout  & Asset Optimization (includes optimizing pictures for web, etc.)
12 hrs - Core Website Development
2 hrs - Mobile Optimization
3 hrs - On-Site SEO Management & Set-Up

Additional Option:
Website Analytics (SEO):

$100 / quarterly (on a 10-month basis) for analytic review and website adjustment



Total BRANDing Hours - 20

Total Branding Cost - $2,000.00 + HST

Cost of Retainer (50%) - $1,000 + HST




Total Website Cost - $3,200.00 + HST

Cost of Retainer (50%) - $1,600 + HST


Additional Opt-In:
Website Analytics (SEO):

$100 / quarterly (4 times over the next year) for analytic review and quarterly website adjustment


A credit card is required to setup the SquareSpace hosting.

50% retainer is required to begin each project. The remaining balance can be paid in full upon completion of project. Hosting is an additional cost and is to be taken care of by the client. If payment terms are not met, project is halted and will not have timeline priority.

We accept all major forms of payment. E-Transfer is preferred to pay@thaincreative.com.

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