We want the best for our clients and go above and beyond to help them build their business and brand themselves aggressively for success with a clean logo and all the cleanest marketing materials we can muster. We want to work with exceptional individuals and businesses.


Thain lurk / Head Honcho

“We create brands using the essence of your business, ideas, and vision to create a full circle brand that encompasses the creative vibrancy and the flexibility you need to keep your business on top. How does one craft a brand? Well, let me tell you a little story.

My dad can make anything. Almost everything. He could sew clothes, pour moulds, make spoons, and even fix cars. He eventually started making hand-stitched leather shoes for people who did war re-enactments. He would spend hours making his shoes, pounding the brass nails in one by one in magnificent patterns.

His passions remained unwavering, and I forged my own life. However, I had gained the knowledge of a true craftsman; someone who goes above and beyond expectations in everything they do. They work as if to leave a lasting legacy to the world through their creations. Even as a child I would always find myself sketching, painting, and inventing whatever came to mind. I now use my experience, knowledge, and passion to design brand identities, investing my energy into bringing your ideas to life.”


Kaitlyn Beck / Mini Honcho

Starting off her career full-steam, Kaitlyn has helped create beautiful brands that stand the test of time, making your business stand out - for the right reasons.

“After interning with Thain, formerly Thain Creative, in my final semester studying graphic design at Georgian College, I just stuck around. I love every moment here at Thainks and learn more each and every day.

A distinctive mix of music, loud singing, teal everything, and a deep commitment to quality design makes our quirky team love what we do. The purpose of design is so much greater than what the world sees it to be. Proper visual communication can make or break a brand.”


Designers who have worked at TC over the last decade creating exceptional work.

Scott O'Brien
Alex MacNeil
Rebecca James

Michelle Wojtowch
Kaitlin Stocco
Heather Pritchett

Brandon Davenport
Brandon Elliott
Kate Forrest

Veronica Ward-Bone
Rachel “Rachada” Williams

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