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From humble beginnings to global domination (coming soon).



Thain Creative begins in 2007 in Barrie

“We Craft Brands, We take the essence of your business, ideas and vision and create a full circle brand that encompasses the creative vibrancy and the flexibility you need to keep your business on top. How does one craft a brand, well let me tell you a little story.

My dad can make anything… almost everything. He could sew clothes, pour moulds, make spoons and even fix cars. He eventually started making hand-stitched leather shoes for people who did war re-enactments. He would spend hours making his shoes, pounding the brass nails in one by one in magnificent patterns.

I grew up, his passions remained and I forged my own life. However, I had gained the knowledge of a true craftsman; someone who goes above and beyond expectations in everything they do. They work as if to leave a lasting legacy to the world through their creations. Even as a child I would always find myself sketching, painting and inventing whatever came to mind. I now use my experience, knowledge and passion to design brand identities and much more.”


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