Nest Photography

THAIN was approached by an up-and-coming child portrait photographer to develop her new brand identity. Immediately, the idea of a camera aperture and nest in one came to mind and we set out to develop a balance between both iconic images. The trick was putting in the hours to find a simple balance that worked. We also developed the design materials for her CD packaging and other print collateral materials.

PIE - Lakeshore

Thain Creative was commissioned by two entrepreneurs to develop a brand for a new "Wood Fired Pizza Joint" called PIE in Barrie, Ontario. The name is very simple and straightforward, therefore we took a very unique and minimal approach to the design. Our goal was to deviate from the style of major pizza franchises and leave everything to the consumer's imagination. No heavy gradients, no unnecessary motion, just PIE. Ever since we completed the brand identity PIE has experienced continued success in Barrie and we continue to get praise for the simple, honest, mark.

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