What it's like working at Thain Creative

Creativity is intelligence having fun!
— Albert Einstein

This is one of my favourite quotes and it pretty much sums me up and what we do at Thain Creative.

About 10 years ago when starting to build my business, I was trying to pick out the words to go with THAIN – Branding? Design? Media? No, they're all overplayed! The word creative, however leaves the possibilities endless and open. It feels like you can't go wrong with "creative" and upon realizing this it was like staring out into the ocean. Now fast forward 10 years and a lot of other agencies and studios have identified with the name creative as well. However a major part of my brand strategy and what I stand for at Thain Creative is to be, well, creative – or having fun while being intelligent. 

Ok, so if you catch us on a Monday, we will probably be pretty tame, usually in our chairs ready to go in the morning. We start scoping around for what is new and happening online, this week it was the re-launch of Reading Rainbow on Kickstarter, and we're pretty jazzed about it. At the same time we're catching up on emails, Twitter, Facebook and laughing at a few videos on Youtube.

We spend time going over our clients and how pumped we are to be working with them. We get psyched up, knowing what we can produce and what we have done already for past clients. Then Brandon will usually put on his headphones and get right into the code. He sleeps in code so this is not really a problem for him. I will change my desktop to something that inspires me for the week or day and go right to with a sketch pad. 

The rest of the week is usually packed with appointments and project time and balancing the two can be tricky. You need to set appointments to meet new clients and keep things moving forward for everyone. You also need enough time to complete the projects already running and keep the clients, who we love super happy!

Creativity can be an endless endeavour if you don't know how to manage your expectations. By that I mean my own expectation of what timeframe and strategy to focus our creative efforts on.


This is our office mascot, Psyrup.

Basically you start out with anything in the world, a wide open space that goes forever in every direction. Then you narrow it down to just a few words that describe that brand or idea that you are trying to create. Then you can just go crazy coming up with ideas that will be unique, fun, funky, fresh and lots of other verbs and adjectives – that is how its done! Its not easy and usually by 6pm, we're completely spent. My workspace is usually pretty organized but when I get into that idea mode, the paper comes out and I go to work sketching until something tunes me back into this world, and sometimes that can take a whole week.


Skip ahead to Friday – Ok, so we usually don't have a lot of appointments on Friday because we can be, how can I put this correctly – "creative". Usually any left over ideas and songs from the week come out in the office. Usually a few 80's classics are sung and new ideas for inventions discussed. We also commonly will one up each other with viral Youtube ideas, concepts for creative commercials and just plain silly stuff. Don't really know why this tends to happen on Friday... it just does. 

So if you end up reading this entire post, we can sum it up by saying to work at Thain Creative is fun with intelligence. We want to make the right decisions and create amazing things for the brilliant and interesting people starting the next big thing – and every now and then we have that brilliant ah hah moment!

But enough about us...

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