Inside the New Thain Creative Rebrand

Thain Creative Wall Signage

The new signs have a few people wanting to know why? First, Graphic Designers are a bit weird but have to be in order to be effective creative problem solvers. However the best graphic designers are seeded in an artistic background of some kind. Myself, I grew up drawing all of the time, filling up my school notebooks, tests and other important papers with random sketches all over the sides. I wanted to include art and creativity in the brand, in a new way.

As I drove around I noticed paint shops and art stores will often have a swooshing paint stroke, I wanted to take that idea and re-imagine it with a contemporary look and feel. I also liked the idea of a paint stroke on the side of the building with no other purpose than to remind people of creativity. I really liked the simplicity of a single brushstroke as a textured form. That is why I spent hours trying to come up with an very wisp-full yet textured paint stroke. I envisioned people not really understanding why they are looking, but feeling drawn to anyway.

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