Timeless Design - My 100 Year old Vintage Business Cards

Good things are always timeless. We've seen a lot of great design trends cycle back over time, almost like clockwork. There's a ton of theories as to why people recycle old "looks" or why we keep switching back from modern to hipster old-school. I think it's because a lot of these designs can be timeless through simplicity and quality.

This past weekend, I visited my Grandparents and learned a bit about our family history. It was a great weekend, but the best part was receiving these business cards from my Granddad. They belonged to the Davenport Bros. Garage and Service Station and were printed before the first war.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the paper used. A very thin stock, but the density keeps them rigid and the type of paper used holds up even after a century. These relics also feature the genuine imperfections that digital artists are always chasing these days. The blemishes on the typefaces, the unique imperfections on little details and the overall quaintness of them is something we'll never match.

So if you're looking to capture that "vintage look", this is where to start. These things are the real deal and we'll be studying them for the next few days. This is truly timeless design and it was a real honour to have these passed down to me.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave one below!

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